Auto Approve | A Streamlined Auto Loan Process

Auto Approve is a reputable online marketplace that links customers with an extensive nationwide network of banks, credit unions, and auto lenders, catering to refinancing and lease buyouts across a wide range of vehicles.

In the face of rapid growth, Auto Approve looked to next create a centralized platform that would eliminate manual processes, provide real-time updates, and streamline workflow. By accomplishing this, Auto Approve sought to enhance productivity, facilitate scalable growth, and mitigate the risk of costly errors and penalties.

Auto Approve relied heavily on manual processes. Employees were tasked with tracking titles and managing information using spreadsheets—an approach that led to extended title processing times.

Through an in-depth discovery process, software development, and infrastructure support, we organized and automated Auto Approve’s title management process.

Through our collaboration, Auto Approve achieved streamlined processes and seamless delivery that has led to growth and success.


Auto Approve recognized the need to streamline their end-to-end processes and sought guidance. Their goal was to gain a comprehensive understanding of their business. 

Before our collaboration, Auto Approve relied heavily on manual processes. Employees were tasked with tracking titles and managing information using spreadsheets—an approach that posed numerous challenges. Unfortunately, these obstacles led to extended title processing times, often exceeding 100 days. These delays not only impacted customer satisfaction but also exposed Auto Approve to potential penalties for missed deadlines.

The complexity of title processing management was compounded by the involvement of seven teams, each consisting of five individuals. This significantly increased the chances of errors, miscommunication, and data management inconsistencies.


Our collaboration included three main phases:

  • Project Management and Delivery
  • Software Development and Infrastructure
  • User Adoption and Training

Through this work Auto Approve was better able to understand their own process and, together we found several areas of improvement to focus on. By prioritizing the deployment of even small, functional components, we gathered vital feedback and identified early-stage issues.

Together we utilized vertical slices of work, ensuring seamless integration between front-end and back-end components. This approach allowed the Auto Approve employees to directly experience feature functionality on the user interface, knowing it was fully supported on the back-end. Aligning project progress with the client’s comprehension fostered effective decision-making throughout the engagement.

We continued working with employees through the adoption and training phase, ensuring that we had a constant feedback loop—a process that allowed for faster updates to the system as challenges arose.


Enhanced efficiency by streamlining processes

Through extensive knowledge and insights gained in the discovery process, we worked closely with Auto Approve to develop valuable recommendations to address their pain points and streamline their end-to-end processes. These proposed actionable steps improved efficiency and created a more cohesive product.

Auto Approve achieves growth and success.

Effective communication, identification of test users, and prioritization of features led to the successful development of the loan processing calculator. These lessons emphasized the importance of understanding user needs, involving stakeholders, and adopting an iterative approach for successful project outcomes.

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