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As the connection between our vehicle data and customer experiences grow more complex, the need for a robust and accessible solution for manufacturers is evident. Autonomic helps bridge that gap with its flagship Transportation Mobility Cloud (TMC). We happily partnered with Autonomic to simplify integration for their customers with the TMC. We enabled their team with an automated end-to-end testing system, leading to faster software development and deployment.

The Client

The future of the automotive industry is in connectivity, software, and services – and Autonomic is leading the charge. Based in Palo Alto, California, Autonomic created the Transportation Mobility Cloud (TMC) to provide automakers and developers with the first cloud platform specifically designed for the world’s automotive industry. The TMC provides a common language and a robust platform that is capable of connecting millions of vehicles across any company and any service. Through an API-driven platform, the TMC enables bidirectional communication between vehicles, the cloud, and applications for both end users and businesses.

Autonomic was founded in 2016, acquired in 2018, and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Ford Smart Mobility. 

“At Autonomic, we don’t typically outsource software development, but it was an easy decision, once we got to know the capabilities and experience of the Integral team.”

— Gavin Sherry, CEO, Autonomic

The Challenge

Autonomic established a partnership with Ford to enable cloud connectivity in their vehicles. This would, for example, enable you to unlock your car with your phone, predict vehicle service needs, and even have packages delivered to your trunk.

To meet the tight vehicle launch milestones, Autonomic was looking for ways to accelerate the development of its connected vehicle platform. Autonomic partnered with Integral to realize the demands of the project and add cloud software engineering capabilities to their software development.

Our Process

The Integral team traveled to Autonomic’s facilities in Palo Alto, Toronto, and Detroit to meet their product engineers. We facilitated full-day workshops to learn their process and better understand their architecture.

Integral engineers helped Autonomic with development remotely from Detroit using our highly disciplined collaboration process.

We worked hand-in-glove with Autonomic’s sophisticated engineering team, using cutting-edge tools such as Kafka, Kubernetes, gRPC, and MQTT.

We developed an automated end-to-end testing system, which enabled faster software development by continuously validating the whole system’s functionality. We also built web and mobile software development kits to simplify the integration of the TMC for Autonomic’s customers.

In providing development support and applying our expertise in cloud-native software engineering, we helped Autonomic improve quality and accelerate the process.

The Impact

Autonomic was able to get critical components of its TMC platform to market months faster than it would have typically taken. We helped Autonomic’s software engineers deliver new functionality with more speed and confidence while equipping Autonomic’s customers with the ability to integrate their APIs through a delightful and seamless interface.

Two years into the partnership, Integral and Autonomic continue collaborating, driving innovation in the connected vehicle market.

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