Artificial Intelligence

Unlock the Potential of AI with Proven Machine Learning Expertise

Faster innovation cycles and ever-evolving capabilities in the future powered by artificial intelligence

Accelerated innovation

Quickly build, test, and deploy AI solutions without developing in-house artificial intelligence expertise. Our consultants handle it all.

Reduced risk

Our experienced team identifies pitfalls and monitors for bias, explainability issues, or other problems to ensure responsible AI.

Deeper customer insights

Analyze multidimensional customer data to uncover nuanced patterns and opportunities using AI techniques.

An intentional approach to artificial intelligence

While artificial intelligence is in high demand, there is still a lot of uncertainty around the technology and its application. We understand the vital nature of including the technology and also how to best apply what to where. 

There is no out-of-the-box solution when it comes to AI. That’s why we work with you to best understand your level of comfort with the technology and also what tool will work best for your particular situation.

Are you just starting out on your AI journey or would you like to just nerd out about AI? Give us a shout!

Helping you achieve your goals

Improved efficiency

Artificial intelligence automation frees up employees from mundane tasks to focus on higher judgment work only humans can handle.

Enhanced personalization

Sophisticated AI algorithms allow you to create tailored recommendations, content, and experiences for each customer.

Increased revenue

New artificial intelligence-powered product capabilities, customized offerings, and improved conversions directly boost top and bottom lines.

Future-proofed systems

Continued optimization and upskilling services keep your AI capabilities, teams, and solutions at the cutting edge.

Through proven and targeted methods

Organizational enablement

• AI upskilling workshops

• Product owner education

• Stakeholder readouts and knowledge

• Responsible AI policy development

• Change management consulting

Deployment and monitoring tools

• Container platforms (Docker, Kubernetes)

• Cloud model deployment services (AWS SageMaker, GCP AI Platform)

• Model monitoring dashboards

• Machine Learning management services and registries

Generative AI

• Best practices for prompt creation

• Build prompt libraries

• Train Generative AI models

• Create efficiencies in routine processes

Data science & engineering processes

• Data pipeline construction and management

• Data quality evaluation

• Feature engineering and extraction

• Data labeling

• Cloud data warehouse management

Model development tools

• Python-based Machine Learning libraries (TensorFlow, PyTorch, scikit-learn)

• Notebook environments (Jupyter, Colab)

• Model experiment tracking tools (Machine Learning flow, Weights & Biases)

• Model pipelines and Machine Learning Ops orchestration tools

Model evaluation processes

• Cross-validation testing

• A/B testing protocols

• Model interpretability and explainability analysis

• Bias and fairness assessment

• Robustness and adversarial testing

Product Success Labs

You bring the challenge—we’ll come with the right people, questions, and facilitation. Our pro bono Product Success Lab is a chance to jump-start your path forward by workshopping with our product consultant experts. We’ll guide you from questions to actionable next steps through to progress on your product.

It’s time to build your great idea.

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