Integrate Detroit

Building a software development community that is representative of Detroit.

businesswoman of color presenting at whiteboard for small group of attendees

Our Mission

To support the development of software development capabilities within Detroit and reduce the race and gender gap among software technologists in Detroit

 Our Vision

Integrate Detroit wants to support budding technologists from underserved communities. Our hope is to create Detroit’s leading tech learning space that connects learners to career resources and opportunities.

Who we are

Integrate Detroit is a volunteer-led learning organization sponsored by the software development consultancy Integral. Integrate Detroit hosts free online courses in introductory software topics.

Our instructors are professional technologists who specialize in agile, extreme programming, lean, and human-centered design practices. We are passionate about teaching and helping others. Our volunteers help people curious about careers in software development and provide a friendly, learning-focused environment.

Integrate Detroit Events

Our events are open to anyone who wants to learn, regardless of experience. Previous events have included topics such as intros to Python, Git, SQL, Test Driven Development, React, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We’ve also offered a fun class on digital art with JavaScript, and a workshop on resumes and code samples.

“There are a couple ways to make the world a better place. One of them is learning. I love that with Integrate Detroit, we get to directly support people looking to learn new skills and unlock valuable new job opportunities. I love being able to work in small groups and seeing the amazing power of collaboration. Put that together with the joy I find in writing software, and it’s a delightful combination.”

Step Christopher, Executive Sponsor

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