Integral Speakers and Sessions at Agile & Beyond 2024

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We’re thrilled that Integral will be well-represented at Agile & Beyond in Detroit this year! We’ve got five compelling talks exploring innovative approaches to agile development, strategic product management, product design, and getting the most out of AI. So, if you’re looking to sharpen your strategic skills, uncover practical applications of emerging tech, or refine your approach to user experience, you’ll want to attend our sessions.

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Talks by Integral Leaders

All our speakers bring a wealth of experience in agile development and product leadership, with years of hands-on experience solving complex problems and delivering impressive results. Here’s your chance to directly engage with them and gain practical insights for your own projects.

Check the Agile & Beyond schedule for days/times for each of these sessions:

Bridging Horizons – Empowering Teams with Strategic Product Roadmapping

Ashok Sivanand, Integral CEO

Ashok Sivanand, Integral’s CEO, combines over a decade of industry and product strategy consulting experience with a passion for helping teams build engaging products. Drawing on experience with strategic product roadmapping, he discusses the balance needed to align current priorities and experiments with long-term business visions while empowering your team to do their best work.

In his session, Ashok will lead a workshop with actionable frameworks to help your product team develop strategic roadmaps that foster creativity, engagement, and customer satisfaction. His roadmapping approach will help you:

  • Define and measure success metrics that fuel prioritization and experimentation
  • Identify focus segments and challenges to solve that will best align with your business goals
  • Foster collaboration across teams to create clarity and excitement around your product’s vision

AI Transformations – Mastering ML’s Evolving Landscape

Steve Schreiber, Integral Director of Engineering

Steve Schreiber, Integral’s Director of Engineering, is an innovator with patents in AI development and over a decade of expertise. He’s passionate about ensuring teams can achieve their goals while effectively managing risks through agile methodologies and small-scale experimentation.

Steve will guide you through early innovations to modern advancements in AI, as seen through the lens of his pioneering days starting over a decade ago. Along the way, he’ll share real world strategies that can help you:

  • Utilize agile methodologies in AI to manage innovation and minimize risks
  • Adapt historical insights from early machine learning projects to today’s rapidly changing AI landscape
  • Recognize key factors that have contributed to successful AI transformations and those that can lead to failure

Axes, Chainsaws, AI, Oh My! Agility in a Changing Tool Landscape

paul mack, Senior Product Manager

paul mack, Senior Product Manager at Integral, thrives in unpredictable environments where emerging technologies are reshaping the rules. He specializes in finding the wisest paths forward by using lean experimentation & implementation, human-centered design, and behavioral science.

paul’s session will focus on navigating the rapidly evolving AI landscape, blending historical perspectives with practical advice for incorporating AI into agile workflows. He’ll help you:

  • Develop a clear vision for what role you want AI to play in your life, and what role you play in build the future with AI
  • Identify the biggest risks and opportunities AI is creating for you right now
  • Decide what actions to take (and not take) to get immediate traction toward your AI vision

Beyond the Hype – Real World Findings on Where AI Adds Value (and Where It Doesn’t)

Joe Colburn, Senior Software Engineer and paul mack, Senior Product Manager

Joe Colburn and paul mack combine deep technical expertise and strategic insight to reveal the hidden truths about AI in product development. paul’s strategic acumen and practical product POV pairs well with Joe’s technical expertise and practical experience building AI tools – both will also draw on what they’ve learned alongside the Integral team in experimenting with what works and what doesn’t in using AI.

In their talk, paul and Joe will offer you real-world insights into where AI genuinely adds value versus where it’s merely hype. You’ll walk away understanding:

  • Where AI has accelerated development and where traditional approaches still excel
  • The biggest pitfalls that teams encounter when experimenting with AI, and how to avoid them
  • Immediately actionable ideas on how to better use AI in your daily software development work and greater confidence in how to keep making decisions about where AI is valuable and where it’s not

Smash Complexity Early On with Object-Oriented UX

Danny Preslar, Product Designer

Danny Preslar is a visionary product designer with a knack for simplifying the most complex user experiences. His unique approach ensures cross-team collaboration and reduces complexity early in the design process, avoiding costly mistakes that can derail product development.

Danny will share how Object-Oriented UX (OOUX) can help wrangle complexity by aligning information architecture to users’ mental models. He’ll provide ways to:

  • Identify and prioritize objects that match real, recognizable “things” in the minds of your target users
  • Empower your team to speak the same language and understanding around objects and the calls-to-action they offer to users
  • Create a fun and seamless collaboration process that aligns cross-functional teams and improves clarity in design ideation and execution

Get Connected, Stay Connected

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We can’t wait to see you at Agile & Beyond 2024 in Downtown Detroit on May 14-15 at Huntington Place. We hope to see you there and would love to hear your thoughts on any talks you’re able to attend!

If you’d like to dive deeper with us or these or other topics, consider signing up for an Integral Product Success Lab, a pro bono session where we work directly with you to refine strategies and get you to the next step on your product journey.


  • Davin Kluttz is a Senior Product Manager at Integral. Based in Portland, Oregon, Davin brings over 25 years of experience in technology and software development, with a focus on product management and design. At Integral, he has made significant contributions to projects in the automotive and finance sectors. Outside of work, he is a professional illustrator and creator of tabletop role-playing games, where he merges his love for art, design, and gaming.

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