What It’s Really Like Working at One of Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces

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Working at one of America’s top workplaces sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? But what is it that makes a company’s culture special?

Company culture is the beating heart of any organization, shaping its values, identity, and the overall employee experience. It’s the intangible fabric that weaves together the work environment, relationships, and shared purpose within a company. A strong company culture is vital for several reasons, a few being that it creates a sense of belonging and purpose, promotes collaboration and teamwork, and fuels creativity and innovation.

So, if you’re curious about creating a workplace where people thrive, where collaboration and innovation flourish, and where employees feel valued and supported, keep reading.

So, how did we get here? 

Inc. Magazine takes into account a variety of factors that impact an employees’ workplace experience, including their engagement and overall satisfaction. To join the annual list of the best places to work, a company has to first apply and receive approval. Then, the competition begins! Every employee from each of the company nominees is sent an optional & confidential survey that takes less than ten minutes to complete by a set deadline. Inc. Magazine then scores the surveys over the coming months to determine how fun, engaging, challenging, and rewarding a workplace is.

Drum roll, please…

Integral was awarded a spot on Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces in 2023!

But, don’t just take Inc. Magazine’s, or my word for it, let’s hear from some of our employees:

“From the first interviews to being with the company a good while now, it has been clear that Integral is a people-first organization. Not only do they value their employees highly, but they extend those same values to their clients and truly seek to partner with the organizations with which they work. The level of introspection and appetite to adapt change for the better at every level of the business is apparent and one which aligns so deeply with my own values that it is a natural fit for myself and for anyone that is truly looking to connect to purpose through their work.”

“The people who work here are kind, passionate, and fun. While remote, Integral prioritizes various ways to connect with coworkers – from fun slack integrations that prompt conversation to slack channels for specific topics, company stand-ups, and casual project demo days, monthly town halls where the leadership team transparently shares the state of the business, and our 2x/year in-person event IRL (In Real Life).”

What makes Integral truly special? 

For Integral, a fully remote agile consultancy based out of Detroit, MI, with employees across the United States and Canada, it’s a combination of a host of factors. 

It starts with our core values–humility, accountability, kindness, and curiosity–being front and center. It also includes in-person meetups, a focus on employee health and wellness, remote events (our most recent being a robot-themed Hackathon), unique engineering practices, dedicated time to volunteer and give back to communities, and so much more.

And, perhaps most importantly, it’s all the wonderful folks that make up Integral and that live our values day-in and day-out.

We’re a great fit for just about anyone.

Inside the walls of Integral…the metaphorical walls that is–we’re a remote-first company!–the Inc. Magazine report reveals how Integral’s culture isn’t catered to one generation, with similarly high scores from employees across three different age groups. No matter your age, background, or favorite color is, we care, trust, and respect one another, always learning, always growing. 

We’re community focused.

Integral not only creates a space to do great work for our clients but also provides opportunities to get involved outside of work—from volunteering in your own community to leading new initiatives, hosting a webinar, growing professionally, and the list goes on. 

One of our volunteer projects, known as Integrate Detroit, is a learning organization led by our employees consisting of free online courses in introductory software topics. We’d love to see you there! In the same vein of volunteering, Integral also offers their employees a few days a year to give back to their own communities and volunteer their time. This year, one of Integral’s in-person meetups lined up with Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and together we volunteered with The Mission Continues at the Boys and Girls Club in Orlando

A group of Integral employees outside of a Boys and Girls Club

We invest in our people

When it comes to growing as an individual, there are a number of ways Integral helps its employees do this. One of the ways is by providing professional coaches for us to work with, if we so choose. Employees can book sessions, free of charge, with our partnered coaches to work on things such as professional development, stress & anxiety, relationship management, financial well-being, and so much more. 

Integral also helps employees care for their health by providing a monthly fitness and wellness stipend that allows us to find our own avenues that work best for us, whether that’s a gym membership, massage therapy, yoga center subscription, or something else that helps you be your best self!

It’s time to build your great idea.

Professional growth is something that’s front and center too, and Integral helps employees achieve their professional development goals. Some of the ways this has been done is through attending conferences and workshops, taking courses, and obtaining new certifications, such as the GCP, AWS, and Stripe certifications.

We love experiments

Another one of the things that makes Integral special is the opportunity to start something new. Every idea is heard, and being curious and out-of-the-box is encouraged! From a surprise package showing up at your doorstep (with recycled materials to create your own robot–no, really, see below!) to creating a curriculum for a new project, such at Integral University, our new “living repository for the practices and approaches that make us Integral,” to unique webinar topics, we love the creativity here and thrive on it.

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Homemade robot plant holder picture 5 of 5

Let’s stay in touch!

The company culture and environment at Integral is one that’s more than just a job. Integral’s success goes beyond the clichés of ping pong tables and free snacks (although those are nice too). It’s about fostering a genuine sense of belonging, purpose, and collaboration. From our core values to our focus on employee well-being and community involvement, we’ve built an environment that inspires and empowers our team to thrive. Work doesn’t have to be just work–it can be an adventure, too, filled with purpose, laughter, and the joy of making a difference.

Our connection doesn’t have to end here! We’d love to stay in touch. We hope to catch you at one of our upcoming webinars, where we’ll delve into exciting industry topics–keep an eye out for those on our LinkedIn page–and we’d love to chat if you think you’d enjoy working with us!


  • Hannah Gardiner, Technical Recruiter Hannah Gardiner is a Technical Recruiter and has been with Integral since June of 2022. She specializes in full life cycle recruitment and is especially passionate about finding new and creative ways to connect with talented individuals to help them reach their career goals.

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