Integral Team Takes Second Place at Hack Midwest 2023

Bringing together technology and heart, our team of five Integers built an organizational tool for those in the midst of challenging times.

Often, losing a loved one is one of the more challenging aspects of life. Logistics is the last thing a grieving family member or friend wants to consider. In just 24 hours, our team built an eloquent and thoughtful solution—Bereave. 

Bereave is an app designed to alleviate the burden on grieving friends and family by helping to reduce stress and provide a much-needed sense of organization and control. Their hard work earned them second out of 50 teams in the corporate division at Kansas City’s largest app-building competition. 

Leveraging React Native, Pinata, and ChatGPT, the team built a tool that automates the more routine tasks while also providing stress-reducing features to help those feeling overwhelmed with the process.

It’s time to build your great idea.

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