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| A company that is on a mission to dismantle traditional barriers between industries, nurturing cross-disciplinary partnerships. This inclusive approach has already yielded a profusion of remarkable projects and prototypes.

Endorsed by the Ohio State University and a leading multinational automobile conglomerate, 99P Labs is a distinctive collaboration hub that serves as a nexus for experts across diverse industries and disciplines—all converging their talents on pioneering ventures in the realms of mobility, energy, and robotics.

99P Labs’ goal was to create a developer portal that would enable users to access their data and utilize it in meaningful ways.

Employing human-centered design and lean product methodology, we created a portal that effectively addressed the needs of 99P Labs’ customers.


99P Labs aimed to provide researchers at universities and startup product managers and data scientists with access to anonymized, connected vehicle data. However, the challenge was to make the data easily accessible to users so that they could use it in various contexts and domains, such as researching traffic and congestion, urban planning, or mobility apps like parking finders.

The goal was to create a developer portal that would enable users to access the data and utilize it in meaningful ways. The technical challenge was to develop a user-centric solution that integrated well with existing systems, with meticulous attention to detail. The Developer Portal was designed with end-users in mind, focusing on ease of use and intuitive navigation.


The project necessitated the creation of a user-friendly interface that was easy to navigate, regardless of the user’s technical expertise. The portal would foster collaboration and innovation among partners by sharing the data in exchange for insights and findings that could inform long-term innovation plans.

Together we achieved our collective goal through User Experience Design and technical consulting and support. 

In detail, this involved:

  • A redesign of the existing Developer Portal to enhance it’s intuitiveness and better serve the end-users. 
  • Collaborated with and consulted the 99P Labs engineering team to ensure a successful build.


The Developer Portal’s success is undeniable. Since its inception, more than 3,000 developers have joined the platform, resulting in the creation of over 350 applications utilizing the provided resources. Crucially, the automaker reports that collaboration through the Developer Portal has yielded a multitude of innovative solutions, distinctly enhancing the overall customer experience.

The Developer Portal empowers developers by providing them with an array of indispensable resources. These resources include APIs, SDKs, and various tools that enable the creation of groundbreaking solutions. Moreover, the platform offers a vibrant community forum, enabling developers to connect, exchange ideas, and engage in collaborative projects, amplifying the potential for innovation.

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