May Mobility | Revolutionizing the Ride-Hailing Industry

May Mobility, a Michigan-based startup, offers autonomous ride-hailing and shuttle services. Founded in 2017 by a team of seasoned engineers and entrepreneurs, the company has emerged as a frontrunner in the burgeoning autonomous mobility sector. May Mobility’s self-driving shuttles are tailored for maneuvering in densely populated urban areas, offering secure and convenient transportation for commuters, tourists, and other riders.

May Mobility recognized the need for an upgraded user interface and a more adaptable platform architecture for their In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) system.

The initial product was a success and empowered May Mobility to systematically evaluate features and develop a roadmap aligned with the company’s highest value returns.


May Mobility came to the realization that their current infotainment system was outdated, primarily tailored for the initial Detroit launch. Recognizing the need for an upgraded user interface and a more adaptable platform architecture to cater to future use cases, May Mobility sought a collaboration with Integral. With their valuable expertise and support, Integral stepped in to assist May Mobility in tackling these challenges head-on.

Inside a car view with the data on the car dashboard


User-Centric Innovation and Collaboration

Overcoming Challenges Through Collaboration

Integral’s facilitation style and cross-functional team played a vital role in helping May Mobility overcome unforeseen challenges in their consumer-facing product venture. One-on-one discussions effectively addressed pushback and fostered collaboration, resulting in informed decisions and streamlined development focused on three standout features. Collaborating with May Mobility’s engineering team facilitated knowledge sharing in areas such as embedded UI and testing methodologies, leading to a successful project launch in Grand Rapids and the creation of a collaborative work video.

Technical Expertise and Process Enablement

Enabling Success Through Mentoring and Technical Expertise

Integral played a crucial role in empowering and supporting the May Mobility team through mentoring, coaching, and leading by example. Working closely with the product manager, we developed a clear product vision and strategy, ensuring process consistency.


Infotainment System Development and Component Prioritization

Driving Innovation in Infotainment Systems

May Mobility’s unique vehicle presented a blank canvas for infotainment system innovation. Integral developed a cutting-edge web platform featuring a touchscreen overlay on a 27-inch widescreen gaming display. The infotainment screen encompassed essential components like the fleet attendant dashboard, a passenger interface for visualizing the next stop, and a two-dimensional map displaying the vehicle’s precise location.

Whiteboard drawing of the new platform system


Optimized onboarding and communication.

By providing structure and facilitation, we streamlined onboarding processes and improved communication within May Mobility’s expanding engineering team. This enabled efficient team scaling and cultivated a cohesive work environment.

A transition towards customer experience and software integration.

May Mobility successfully shifted their focus from hardware and AI to prioritizing customer experience and seamless software integration. This strategic shift allowed them to better meet customer needs and deliver a superior user experience.

Implementation of effective expansion strategies.

Our structured processes supported May Mobility’s expansion efforts, particularly emphasizing the front end of their applications. By aligning business operation strategies with product operation strategies, we enabled targeted growth.

A product-minded and human-centered approach.

Our contributions to research, synthesis, and prioritization empowered May Mobility to systematically evaluate features and develop a roadmap aligned with the company’s highest value returns.

A comprehensive solution.

We successfully addressed customer needs while supporting May Mobility’s overarching business goals. Through transparent and context-driven collaboration, we ensured the inclusion and value of every stakeholder’s input, fostering a culture of inclusivity and preventing idea dismissal or exclusion.

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